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The story of wryte

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Die Gründer von wryte Matthias Schadhauser und Philipp Kramer

13 years tutoring...

For more than 13 years, Matthias ran his own tutoring institute and saw what was happening with pupils and students every day. Definitely more tablets.

But also more chaos.

"Phew, unfortunately I can't find it right now."

Was often the answer to Matthias' question about the documents on the respective topic. That took time, nerves and motivation. "It can't be that in the 21st century we have brilliant apps for absolutely everything, but not for education." With this sentence, we made it our mission to catapult education into the 21st century and to provide educators with a high-end productivity app.

Our mission?

To give educators an app that helps them to focus on the essentials of education. With wryte's smart organization and functions, we want to enable everyone to have a positive educational experience.

In our opinion, education is the decisive constant for a positive development of our world. We humans are the players of this game and with wryte we want to help every player play better. 

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"No other app is so well structured and additionally for free."

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"The app is very tidy and easy to use."

App Store rating five stars.png

"AWESOME! A writing app with an integrated timetable was the best I could try for my

2nd training!"

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