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Empower Your Education with wryte

The Most Advanced Note Taking App for Students, Teachers, Tutors and Institutions.

Make your life faster and easier. with wryte.
Appointments, Topics, Notes & ToDos.

Experience the efficiency boost from streamlined organization and quick retrieval of notes, freeing up time for what truly matters.

Try it out yourself.

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How does wryte work?

Lesson/lecture plan

1. Enter your timetable or lecture schedule in wryte.

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Topics and structure

2. wryte creates your topics based on the timetable/lecture plan. This is your structure.

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3. In your topics, for example in botany, you have notebooks in which you can write by hand or with a keyboard, import documents & photos and edit them.

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4. You can easily add ToDos to your ToDo list from your notebook. They will be automatically added to your ToDos under Botany.




5. Connect with other users and work together live in the same notebook. Whether with friends, in group work, with your tutor or your lecturer.

Empower yourself with wryte. The new way of productivity.
for free.

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What they say about us

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Super Nice!

by ma13590

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The app is free???

by JulesPools

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Amazing for school!

by leinalydawnlilly

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