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Empower your school success with wryte

Enhanced learning &

streamlined management for principals


Experience the power of wryte with a demo!

Solve your schools biggest challenges

wryte delivers control and value for principals

Take control of your school ecosystem:

Easily manage all participants, from teachers to students, in one centralized platform.

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Empower your teachers:

Provide them with a powerful notetaking app that enhances collaboration and boosts learning outcomes.

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Streamline school operations:

Say goodbye to fragmented systems and embrace an all-in-one solution that saves time and resources.


Overcome common challenges with wryte

wryte takes out the noise and lets you focus on educating

Fragmented ecosystem management:

Juggling multiple systems and platforms leads to inefficiencies and confusion. With wryte, unify and streamline participant management, communication, and collaboration in one centralized platform.

  • Statistics: Studies show that schools using multiple disjointed systems spend an average of 30% more time on administrative tasks compared to schools with integrated solutions.

Teacher collaboration and student engagement:

Insufficient tools and barriers to effective collaboration limit teachers' ability to engage students and create a dynamic learning environment. With wryte, teachers can seamlessly collaborate with students and foster student engagement, leading to enhanced learning experiences.

  • Statistics: Studies reveal that 76% of teachers struggled to engage students in active learning, resulting in disengagement and reduced academic achievement

Inefficient school operations:

Manual processes, paper-based note-taking, and outdated systems contribute to time-consuming administrative tasks and unnecessary costs. wryte enables schools to optimize operations, save time, and allocate resources efficiently.

  • Statistics: A survey of educational institutions found that 40% of administrative staff's time is spent on paperwork and repetitive tasks, limiting their capacity to focus on strategic initiatives.

The wry advantage

Unlocking value for principals, students and teachers


Effortlessly oversee your school's operations, access valuable insights, and empower your team.


Collaborate, share resources, and create engaging lessons with ease, fostering a vibrant learning environment.


Experience interactive and immersive learning, with access to organized notes.

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Streamlined participant management

Easily add and organize participants across your school.


Powerful Notetaking Capabilities

Capture and organize notes, collaborate with others, and track progress effortlessly.

Insights and Analytics

Gain valuable data-driven insights to optimize teaching strategies and drive student success.

Mobile and desktop compatibility

Access wryte anytime, anywhere, from any device.

See wryte in action for your school

Real-world success stories

See how wryte transformnicels like yours

The Saarland equipped 15,000 students and teachers with wryte.

This is what they say:


Principal RS says:

"I am beyond happy to say goodbye to my enormous excel sheets with several access data for every single participant in my school. with wryte I have everything well organized in one place"


Teacher SG reported:

"Sharing documents with my class was never as easy. Everything happens in wryte. No need for exporting and all that. That gives me so much more time for the actual educating."

Student AF told us:

"It's so nice not to switch apps all the time. I have wryte for my notes, my timetable and when doing homework at home I often do it together with my friends over wryte's live collaboration. It helps me things better, because we teach each other and it's fun, too."

 Even the parents

love wryte!

Seamless implementation and administration

Easy Set Up for your IT team.

Effortless implementation

Implementing wryte in your school is a breeze. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive onboarding process ensure a smooth setup, requiring no additional work or resources from your IT team. With wryte, you can get up and running quickly and effortlessly, experiencing the benefits in no time.

Streamline and unify participant management

wryte offers a comprehensive solution that unifies and streamlines participant management, communication, and collaboration. Say goodbye to fragmented systems and hello to a centralized platform that brings all participants, including teachers, students, and administrators, together in one place. Simplify communication, enhance collaboration, and unlock the full potential of your school community.

Get started with wryte today

Simply provide your desired number of accounts  and email to get a personalized demo and experience the transformative impact firsthand. 




We are now preparing everything for you and your school.

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