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Intelligent organisation

By simply creating the timetable, wryte creates all the subjects on the desk by itself and opens them automatically at the right time.

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Automatic saving


High quality notetaking

Through the intelligent linking of timetable, subjects and exercise books, wryte automatically keeps all documents in order.

In individual subject areas, many booklets can be created at will and written and edited with tools that are far beyond the analogue possibilities.


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Choose from many backgrounds depending on your needs, including: Vocabulary book, music notes, chemistry grid


Transparent in all thicknesses and colours.


Various pens in all thicknesses and colours.

For measuring in metres, centimetres and other metrics.


Text fields

Quickly add text fields for typing with the keyboard.

Text fields

Quickly add text fields for typing with the keyboard.


Easily draw circles, rectangles and many others shapes.

Pictures and files

Add and work with pictures and files.


An eraser that dynamically adjusts its size to the angle of your pen.

Text marker

Transparent text markers in any thickness and colour.


A lasso to move, copy, duplicate, cut and delete elements.